Literary agents looking for new writers

Literary Agents Currently Seeking Clients - Bookfox We accept submissions by e-mail only, from authors who are resident in the UK. We are looking for new authors, but naturally we are selective. Literary agents help writers find publishers, as well as negotiate the deal and sales of the book. Watters is the senior literary agent at P. S. Literary Agency, and she is currently looking for new clients.

Ten Literary Agents Who Are Looking For New Authors We are always excited to read submissions from potential new clients. Listed below are ten agents who are looking for authors. Of course, armed with this list, the burden is still on you, the writer, to craft an excellent query letter thatMs. Bartholomew works for the Salkind Literary Agency in Great Neck, New York, and she can be reached by email at anita@

How to Find a Literary Agent for Your Book Jane Friedman We only accept from an agent.” Horror of all horrors. When writers ask me “Can you find me a literary agent. If your work doesn't look like a good candidate for a New York house, don't despair.

The Viney Agency Our literary agency is actively seeking new and/or established authors in a variety of genres and categories of both fiction and non-fiction. I have been an agent since 2002 and The Viney Agency is now one of the UK's most. our submissions to book publishers and other media focused and clear. Though we are always looking for outstanding writing, we deliberately do not.

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